Mismatched libidos

A common issue people see a sex therapist for is when libido or sexual desires do not match with their partners. Whether you have low or high libido you may have felt embarrassment, shame, frustration, resentment, blame and hesitancy to initiate sexual contact with your partner. There are many factors which can affect sexual desire such as relationship issues, work commitments, fatigue, children, financial pressures and health problems and people can experience desire differently depending on a myriad of reasons.

Discussing sexual and intimacy problems can often be difficult for people and good communication is essential for healthy happy relationships. Sex and relationship therapy helps people become aware of the factors that may impact on their sexual desire and explores was to enhance intimacy and maintain the benefits. If you are experiencing mismatched libido with your partner talk to me about how you can overcome sexual incompatibilities and learn new ways to build on your relationship so it can again be pleasurable and satisfying.